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JTB Online will provide a robust feature-rich digital marketing website, intelligent ongoing SEO for organic web traffic, AI-driven chatbots, online sales and marketing funnels, whiteboard explainer videos, automated text (SMS) marketing campaigns, custom website video content, fully managed GDPR-compliant email marketing campaigns, and the option for powerful eCommerce and/or Omnichannel capabilities.

JTB Online will design and develop a strategically planned website, drive traffic to your website with a proven intelligent scientifically-driven SEO formula (consistent monthly custom content/backlink updates), create customized digital video content representing your brand, then utilize proven touchpoints, to help you connect with your customers, and grow your brand, with creative marketing, unlike anything else on the market today.

Your business will not blend in with your competition. You will be the eagle and not the sheep. You will stand out above the crowd with uber-creative branding, benefit from the best technology on the market, and partner with unparalleled talent, and expertise.

This cost-effective solution is ideal for startups or existing brands, looking to gain a competitive edge in “The New Normal.”

JTB Online delivers the results. Therefore, we are confident in offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients.

Contact us today for a detailed pricing estimate, based upon your specific website and digital marketing needs, such as digital online store creation, additional web pages/content, online sales and marketing funnel creation, AI-driven chatbots, automated email marketing campaigns, mobile app development, and/or strategic digital marketing and information technology consulting services.

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Setup fees are subject to change, based upon the scope of the WordPress website design and development. A complete Web Services Agreement (WSA) will be provided, to outline the details of the engagement. The WSA encompasses the scope of the website project, and is independent of digital marketing campaign costs, services fees, and/or change orders. All advertised DM Website pricing is based on a minimum 12-month WSA, thus voiding all other pricing considerations and/or stipulations. Text (SMS) Marketing is 100% compliant with the United States Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA.)

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